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27 October 2004

Questioning the state answers has its endorsements up, and for some reason they urge reading my commentary on the state questions, even though we differ on our recommendations.

More to the point, they're quite a bit funnier. In disapproving of SQ 714, which adjusts the threshold for the senior real-estate valuation freeze, they offer the following:

Sorry, Grandpa, time to play "lifeboat": your generation has never, ever, paid in taxes what it is consuming in resources. The overwhelming majority of our generation will have to work until we are eighty or we drop dead to pay for your Viagra and motor scooters; most of you retirees will spend more time retired than you did on the workforce.

Well, maybe, if I live to be 118. (Should I tell them I'm barely into my fifties? Naw. Why make it worse?)

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I've got the Tulsa World scooped, Charles. I have succesfully undertaken to make endorsements in every race in the United States. That's every race, as in every candidate on every ballot in the country. This is blogging history in the making, that's what this is. And right here in the Sooner State. Let's get the word out. You'll help, won't you?

So far, I've only made endorsements for candidates, not referenda. But the ads I've seen for 713 ("raise taxes or we'll kill this little girl") have got me in a knee-jerk mode to vote "No" on everything, no matter what. I'll likely get over it by Tuesday.

Off-topic, but while I've got your ear, you should read the latest Coffee with Clark column, in which Dr. Terry Clark sings the praises of blogs. He cryptically hints that he has a blog of his own, but won't say where, and danged if I can find it. Although while Googling for "Terry Clark blog," I found this: "Last November, New Mexico executed convicted child killer Terry Clark in the first execution in the state since January 1960." Hmmmm.

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See this post, which was rebuilding at the very moment you were posting this comment.

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