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27 October 2004

Will it ever end?

Forrest Covington at The Muse at Sunset notes that it's not just popular-music types who are contributing to the polarization of the nation:

This whole election, actually the last four years since the last election, political stridency has spilled over like a toxic oil slick into areas of life hitherto uncorrupted. A lot of artist types have helped exacerbate the trend, mostly pop musicians and "actorvists", but some of the more "serious" types have offended as well. I recall especially Stockhausen's bizarre remark that September 11th was a "work of art".

[Insert "Karlheinz" joke here.]

Less than a week before the election, and already I wish 2008 was over and done with. One tradition — that of the gracious loser — was basically stomped to death four years ago; I shudder to imagine the next victim.

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