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27 October 2004

Destroy before reading

Glen Ridge (NJ) Schools are no longer sending notes home: all communications with the parental units will be conducted via email. (Presumably every home in the district has some sort of email access; I haven't heard any outcry from the Poor and Unwired.)

As a test, the district sent out this email. It does attempt to cover all conceivable issues, though this one might have thrown some people:

If you do not receive the test email, please be sure to check your SPAM blocking software. If you use AOL, please check your SPAM folder, highlight our message, and then click on "This is not Spam." If you do not receive the email or have technical problems, please email Winnie Boswell [email address snipped] to ask for assistance.

Hmmm. Can one reply to an email which was not received?

And "if we hadn't received it," wonders the Barista of Bloomfield Avenue, "how would we know?"

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"Everyone who's not here, raise your hand."

Posted by: McGehee at 5:57 PM on 27 October 2004

You know, what's equally worrisome: the kids are going to get caught in a never-land between the parents and the administration.

Parent: "What do you mean my kid flunked history? Why didn't you tell me Johnny was having a problem?"

Teacher: "Well, we sent an email."

Not to mention how many parents will be surprised when Child Services drops by to discuss Johnny's truancy, a problem which the school claims it brought to Mom's attention via several emails.

Lazy dullards.

Posted by: Venomous Kate at 8:20 PM on 27 October 2004

It's amazing. They expect people to have computers and email addresses to receive some technogibberish and they expect a response of some sort. But the minute those same people get into a voting booth, they become too stupid to vote.

Which is it?

Posted by: Interested-Participant at 3:00 AM on 31 October 2004