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27 October 2004

The bonds of earth get surlier

It's called Diary of a Flight Attendant, and that's just what it was — until the airline flew into a tizzy and suspended her.

The suspension, they said, was due to "inappropriate" images.

In case you were wondering, I keep a folder full of really inappropriate images handy, should someone decide to lower the boom on me.

In the meantime, the Queen of the Sky is grounded and could probably use a helping hand, especially if there's a buck or two in the palm thereof.

(Via Fark.)

(Update, 4:05 pm: I bounced this off my boss, who was unimpressed by the action taken by the airline: "Damn airlines need all the advertising they can get.")

Posted at 3:54 PM to Blogorrhea

Maybe that's what ticked them off -- she wasn't naming the airline on her blog.

Posted by: McGehee at 5:59 PM on 27 October 2004

Now ya' see. This illustrates, although backhandedly, exactly what's wrong with air travel in the present day. Years ago, all the stews looked like her because they had standards. Height, weight, age, looks, friendliness were specified and enforced. Traveling was a joy and it would help if they went back to the old ways.

As for QoS, I'd probably have my baggage compartment pop open if she climbed on the seat next to me. Woo! Woo!

Posted by: Interested-Participant at 2:53 AM on 31 October 2004