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28 October 2004

When the night is gone

And I didn't see much of it anyway. It was rather pointless to try to observe the lunar eclipse, since we had clouds thick enough to choke a constellation — not that it stopped me from trying.

But eventually it dawned on me, so to speak, that I'd have to wait until the spring of 2007 for the next eclipse, and I spent the rest of the evening watching the Red Sox exorcise the ghost of the Bambino at the expense of the Cardinals. And in many ways, this was more rewarding, since given the Bosox' track record, the next time they'll win the World Series should be around 2090.

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:( We had heavy cloud coverage too.

Posted by: Deb S. at 10:51 AM on 28 October 2004

I swear that around the bottom of the 9th, as I went out to my deck on the most beautiful, crisp, crystal-clear night ever, The Man On The Moon, strangely resembling a certain Babe, quietly disappeared behind the earth's shadow to rest peacefully forever.

May this be the beginning of a New Beginning.

Thank you, Idiots.

Posted by: Vickie at 11:16 AM on 28 October 2004