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29 October 2004

Stark raving letter 23

An anti-Tom Coburn piece showed up here today, courtesy of the Oklahoma Democratic Party, castigating the GOP candidate for having had kind words for the national sales tax known familiarly — except, apparently, to Democrats — as the "FairTax". The reputed Coburn quotes are here.

The print ad features a typical collection of supermarket purchases, each with a price tag, and each with the notation +23% TAX below the purchase price.

Similar pieces have shown up in Kansas, attacking Kris Kobach, running for the 3rd District House seat, and also in Minnesota, where the target is Mark Kennedy, 6th District incumbent. What they all have in common, of course, is that nowhere is it mentioned that the adoption of the "FairTax" is contingent upon the abolition of the Federal income tax. Of course, the income tax is subject to all sorts of Congressional fiddling and diddling, and taking it away will leave the Democrats (and, yes, it is true, rather a large number of Republicans) with fewer tools to bend the populace to their wills, quite apart from the economic benefits we might accrue without their permission.

And while we're on the subject: if these people are actually paying $3.29 for a loaf of Home Pride Whole Wheat Butter Top, or $5.99 for what appears to be an 18-ounce jar of Skippy peanut butter, as pictured in the anti-Coburn piece, I'm damned glad they don't do my grocery shopping.

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