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30 October 2004

Saturday spottings (pre-election)

A map [link requires Adobe Reader] of Oklahoma's House District 87 vaguely resembles a map of Minnesota, and judging solely by yard signs and bumper stickers, it's seriously Democratic down around Albert Lea and Rochester and gets more Republican the closer you get to International Falls or Moorhead, though registrations are more or less evenly split. (Stretching this map metaphor to its maximum, I live around Hibbing.) Operatives from both parties were busy today: I spied a woman bearing KerryOkies indicia on her minivan a couple blocks southeast of me, and later I caught two presumably younger women wearing Tom Coburn T-shirts canvassing along 36th Street (call it US 10).

Speaking of yard signs, I lost mine last night: the Oklahoma wind ripped the plastic right off the wire frame. It held up for more than three months, which is probably well beyond its expected lifetime; I'm not planning to request a replacement because, well, the election is Tuesday fercryingoutloud. (No, it wasn't stolen; a thief wouldn't have left the wire in place, and around the neighborhood, other signs for the same candidate were still up.)

I've seen a few pro-SQ 712 signs, but this was the first day I saw any significant number of anti-SQ 711 signs, with the tag "Don't Legalize Discrimination." Of course, I'd expect these close to home: ZIP code 73112, per Census Bureau guesstimates, has more same-sex couples than any other ZIP code in the entire state, though this is due partly to its sheer size (7.5 square miles).

Seen on a vanity plate: EDITUR. I don't know whether this was a Spanish translation or just someone in need of a kopy editur.

And finally, on the marquee at Whataburger: IT TASTES LIKE CHICKEN 'CAUSE IT IS CHICKEN. I assume they're trying to slam some competing product, but I don't want to know what that product is.

Posted at 5:12 PM to City Scene

hmm... so who would chaz be endorsing on his yard sign?

Posted by: bruce at 5:49 PM on 30 October 2004

Well, since you asked, it was John Morgan, running for House District 87.

Posted by: CGHill at 5:57 PM on 30 October 2004

If you're needing replacement signs, let me know. I have a ton of them that I have been pulling up (just the illegally placed ones)

Posted by: Dwayne "the canoe guy" at 8:36 AM on 31 October 2004