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2 November 2004

Out of the mouths of babes

Em describes her first vote, at age 3:

After [Mom] finished, we went over to the pint-sized voting machine that was set up for all the kids who came with their parents. You could cast a vote for George Washington or Abraham Lincoln, Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck.

I took the poker for my punch card ballot, and carefully weighed my options. This was serious business, after all. After a minute of reading, however, I realized that something was wrong with my ballot. I turned to my mom and asked, "Mom? Where's Geraldine Ferraro?"

Good question. Where is Geraldine Ferraro these days, anyway?

(Via Em's big sister Erica, also a babe.)

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Thanks for tracking down that bit of election arcana for us, Charles. I went and tracked down the origins of the Democratic chicken.

Posted by: Sean Gleeson at 3:40 PM on 2 November 2004