The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

2 November 2004


Terry Knight, born Richard Terrance Knapp in Flint, Michigan in 1943, has died in Temple, Texas, the victim of a stabbing. Knight, a DJ at fabled CKLW radio in the Motor City (technically, Windsor, Ontario), had joined a band called the Jazz Masters, which became Terry Knight and the Pack, who cut a few sides for Flint's Lucky Eleven label, distributed by Cameo-Parkway, of which the biggest was a remake of Ben E. King's cover of an Italian pop tune retitled "I (Who Have Nothing)," which made it to #46 in Billboard in 1966. When the Pack broke up, Knight took drummer Don Brewer and guitarist Mark Farner with him, brought in bassist Mel Schacher from ? and the Mysterians, and christened the threesome Grand Funk Railroad, whom he produced and managed through 1972.

In Temple, Knight lived with his daughter and her boyfriend; the boyfriend has been charged with Knight's murder.

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