The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

3 November 2004

Pouring over the results


It started between nine and ten last night, about the time most of the state races were called. It continues to fall, and will likely continue to fall most of the day.

On the morning after the night before, I offer my congratulations to the winners and my condolences to the losers. The people have spoken, and in the best Oklahoma tradition, we said our piece and then got the hell off the stage. The rain will wash away the detritus of the election, the negative campaign ads, the temporary animosity steeped in the heat of the moment, all the things that divided us those many months. And the sunshine will return: it may not be as warm as we might like, and for a while it may not last as long as it used to; but it will return, a reminder that there are things beyond politics, beyond the power of mankind.

We now resume life as we know it.

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