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3 November 2004

Rather a lot of us, actually

Mike Clingman of the Oklahoma State Election Board reports that 1,463,875 votes were cast in the 2004 general election, beating the 1992 record by seventy thousand.

Oh, we have a few provisional ballots: 2,603 of them. I leave to someone more involved than I the question of why Ohio, with three and a quarter times the population, should have fifty times as many provisional ballots.

Posted at 2:02 PM to Soonerland

I just got off the phone with the Michael Clingman. He says that there were 9,400 undervotes (not counting provision ballots yet to be counted)

More details at:

Posted by: J. M. Branum at 2:24 PM on 3 November 2004

About twice what I would have guessed. Was this enough, you think, to call attention to the state's ballot-access woes?

Posted by: CGHill at 2:40 PM on 3 November 2004

Yeah I think it is a start. I was hoping for 25,000 or so, but this is still significant.

In fact it is more votes that either the Reform party got (9,014) or the Libertarian party got (6,602) in Oklahoma in 2000. I think if I remember right there were also 6,000 or undervotes that time (mostly Nader supporters I think) but the online reporting doesn't show undervotes... unfortunately the state electoral mechanism thinks that undervotes are mistakes and not intentional actions. Certainly you can't prove that it was intentional but I know at least antecodtally of dozens of folks who I personally know who undervoted in either 2000 and/or 2004.

Posted by: J. M. Branum at 3:31 PM on 3 November 2004

One thing that protest-vote organizers ought to consider for future efforts, is a tactic that lends itself more to verification. Not knowing all the ins and outs I couldn't begin to offer suggestions.

Or maybe a campaign of other forms of protest during the next couple of years would be useful -- might even obviate the need for an election protest in 2006.

Stranger things have happened. Even outside of Oklahoma.

Posted by: McGehee at 9:42 AM on 4 November 2004

That was only the first step. We are now looking seriously at the state legislature. We have our work cut out for us there but I hope that either we'll get the legislature to act on this before 2006 or we'll be gearing up for an initative petition. The problem with that is we'll need a lot of money, which unfortunately will probably require a massive national fundraising effort.

Posted by: J. M. Branum at 4:56 PM on 4 November 2004

The number reported for total votes is actually the number of votes for Bush and Kerry combined. We know that Clingman says there are at least 9,400 undervotes, so turnout is at least 1,473,275 or so.

I think something is flaky here, and there are actually more undervotes.

Posted by: Chris at 8:24 PM on 4 November 2004

The problem with that is we'll need a lot of money, which unfortunately will probably require a massive national fundraising effort.

My blog traffic isn't fantastic, but I'll be glad to post a link or a button. And maybe even click it myself a time or two. ;-)

Posted by: McGehee at 10:19 AM on 5 November 2004

having lived and voted in Ohio for about a decade, now ended which we will call my dark period, i feel completely able to explain how there could be so many provisional ballots.


Posted by: rammer at 8:57 PM on 6 November 2004