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6 November 2004

Back in the New York groove

BatesLine has a funny piece about cranky liberals in Tulsa, a fraction of which seem to feel that but for the grace of God — well, were there actually a God, you know — they'd be right at home in Manhattan:

[Y]ou have a minority of that minority who are stuck here against their will. NPR on the FM dial, home delivery of The New York Times, Borders, Utica Square, the museums, the opera, the ballet, and the coffee bars (local indies and national chains alike) all help to insulate these folks from the indignity of living in Oklahoma.

Of course, if they want a real taste of the New York experience in the Bloomberg era, they're welcome to come down the turnpike to Oklahoma City, where we fine people for dropping sunflower seeds on the street.

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Posted by: Sam Krupa at 6:59 AM on 6 November 2004