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7 November 2004

Film at eleven dot net

It's called Blogumentary, it's, well, a documentary about blogs, and unlike previous such efforts, it's not devoted to fawning over the A-list. A rough cut was shown at the City Pages Get Real Documentary Film Festival in Minneapolis, and Erica was there:

I thought [filmmaker] Chuck [Olsen] did a pretty good job of capturing the idea of what blogging is and the phenomenon that it's become. The political stuff, the personal stuff, the interaction and the relationships people develop, blogs as a grassroots organizational tool and a communication medium. I recognized a lot of the folks he mentioned and screenshots he showed. It was clever. It was funny. He talked about Plain Layne being a man, Dan Rather and the false documents, Trent Lott's resignation, bloggers getting married, and the Howard Dean campaign, amongst other things.

I wonder if we can get a print here for next year's deadCENTER.

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Sure, now that I learned deadCENTER exists!

Posted by: Chuck Olsen at 2:40 AM on 8 November 2004