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9 November 2004

Fantastic plastic lover

Michele has debuted I Have That On Vinyl, a place to indulge her nostalgia (and yours) for the pop-culture artifacts that seemingly haunt us all. As the sort of person who owns a Wagner Ring cycle and all of Debbie Deborah Gibson's teen-dream discs, I know exactly (well, to within a couple of blocks anyway) where she's coming from: sometimes our reaction to these things, however many years after the fact, is startling, even scary.

I can see an apologia for the Partridge Family coming on.

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Michele of A Small Victory fame has fired up a new site: I Have That On Vinyl (IHTOV). I predict a groovy future for this project. Tip o'the hat to Charles over at[read more]

My wife was just reading the new TV Guide and discovered something, the memory of which I had suppressed: a cartoon show called "The Partridge Family, 2200."

Let the apologiae commence!

Posted by: McGehee at 8:02 AM on 9 November 2004

Hey I happpen to have a Cowsills LP yet.

Posted by: anstranger at 2:53 PM on 10 November 2004