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10 November 2004

Where the cheapskates are (the sequel)

The Catalogue for Philanthropy has issued its new Generosity Index, which this year, much like last year, argues that blue-state residents are chintzier than folks in the red states. Michelle Malkin breaks it down by electoral-vote winner. And Oklahoma, fourth last year, has moved up to third.

Before anyone goes into full-fledged Gloat Mode, I should point out that questions exist about the methodology used to calculate the Index. This not being my area of expertise, I suggest caution before using these findings to flay your stingy neighbors.

(Tilt of the shawl to Susanna Cornett.)

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I remember hearing Michael Medved use my Watcher of Weasels award-winning piece from last year (November 6, 2003, to be exact) entitled Generosity in Red and Blue. It wasn't attributed by him as it was probably forwarded to him, but it was pretty muc......[read more]

I downloaded the spreadsheet and played around a little with it. I divided the Average Itemized Charitable Contribution by the Average Adjusted Gross Income to determine a Percenatge of Income given. The top 25 are red states, the bottom 8 are blue states. Here are the top 6 with their percentage and then their generosity index:
Wyoming - 14.51% - 11
Utah - 13.63% - 8
Mississippi - 13.28% - 1
Tennessee - 12.21% - 6
Arkansas - 12.13% - 2
Oklahoma - 11.10% - 3

The bottom 6
Wisconsin - 5.59% - 46
Mass. - 5.16% - 49
NJ - 5.11% - 47
Conn - 5.07% - 44
Rhode Island - 5% - 48
New Hamp - 4.56% - 50

21 states were above the average giving of 8.06% and only 11 were above the mean of 9.58%

May not be 100% accurate, but it sure is interesting to think about.

Posted by: Dwayne "the canoe guy" at 4:15 PM on 10 November 2004

I have many, many faults, but I consider myself fairly generous. I also think generosity is a gift from God. So we can't really take credit for it.

Posted by: Dan at 5:25 PM on 10 November 2004