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11 November 2004

One among many

Thirty years ago today I was standing on a mountaintop at the Edge of Nowhere, or so it seemed, staring into the face of the enemy, and I knew he was staring back.

Not that anything scary was about to happen. There was a rather large body of water between us, and even on the clearest of days I couldn't see him and he couldn't see me. Still, I knew he was there, and I assumed he knew I was there, and a few dozen other guys were making a list and checking it twice and delivering it to the commanding officer. They were doing their job, and I was doing mine.

And a few months later, that particular job came to an end; I left this post, a little older, maybe a little wiser, an unexpected medal added to my uniform, and after a few days of R&R — well, maybe some R, but not a whole lot of R, if you know what I mean — I reported back Stateside and was assigned to the Reserves for three more years.

This was before "Be all that you can be," and I've never been sure I was all that I could have been. But we had a mission, and I was part of it, and I'd like to think that I had something to do with the fact that the enemy no longer exists.

That enemy, anyway.

On this day of remembrance, there are millions more with their own stories to tell. You've already heard mine.

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Thank you for serving your country.

Posted by: McGehee at 8:59 AM on 11 November 2004

Although in is own inimitable way, my older bro
"packed the gear" as do most warriors who heed the call.

Posted by: paulsmos at 10:12 AM on 11 November 2004


Tbank you, Charles.

Posted by: David at 11:18 AM on 11 November 2004

I, too, salute and thank you, amigo!

Posted by: Eric at 3:19 PM on 11 November 2004

Thank you for repelling the red hordes. I can personally testify that Romania (one of those Black Sea nations) is recovering very nicely.

You and your compatriots are the reason we're free today. Thank you so very, very much.

Posted by: Dan at 9:25 PM on 11 November 2004