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12 November 2004

Minor adjustments

Some of the category archives here have grown to a megabyte and more, which is hell on load times and doesn't exactly enhance the rebuild speed. Two of the larger categories, Almost Yogurt and Dyssynergy, underwent a weeding process, and a new category, PEBKAC, was created for computer-related items that used to fall routinely under Dyssynergy.

This isn't going to make a big difference — taking, say, 75 items out of a 600-item archive still leaves that archive fairly huge — but every little bit helps.

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Dyssynergy is fairly self-evident, if one thinks about it, and I was one of the ones who got the joke in "almost yogurt", but I confess that I'm drawing a blank on PEBKAC. What's the fully-spelled-out version?

Posted by: timekeeper at 12:19 PM on 12 November 2004

"Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair."

Best illustrated here.

Posted by: CGHill at 1:04 PM on 12 November 2004


I should have figured that one out, considering the number of times I have wanted to sign off a bogus discrepancy as "Removed and Replaced Pilot".

Posted by: timekeeper at 1:53 PM on 12 November 2004

Ahhh. I'd always heard that with an O (for Operator) rather than a C. I had most of it figured out but couldn't get that last letter. :)

Posted by: unimpressed at 2:41 PM on 12 November 2004