The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

19 November 2004

Inconsistent adherent

As a donor to the local classical-music station, I was entitled to one of their bumper stickers, which duly arrived yesterday. I did not actually put it on my car, which bears no such indicia, not even the AAA oval.

But I'm wondering if maybe I should. Generally, when I listen to this station is when I'm at my desk at work, when I need the relatively placid sounds to offset the chaos around me. (Seriously. I mean, even The Rite of Spring is soothing in the context of 42nd and Treadmill.) In the car, I tend to crank up noises which are loud and have three, maybe four chords. Someone stuck behind me in the usual May Avenue melee might suffer some serious cognitive dissonance were he to notice the sticker, pull up alongside, listen for Ravel, and get an earful of Ramones.

Just a thought.

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