The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

19 November 2004

The vinyl countdown

DragonAttack mourns the loss of a record store, and not just any record store, either:

I took it for granted that the store would always be there. I figured that eventually I would be able to (at the very least) resume my three dollar a week LP habit. I knew that the store was having problems and I still didn't make enough of an effort to visit during the tough summer months. There are still other places to shop, but they aren't my happy places. They are just stores.

When I was a kid the record store section of the Yellow Pages was fairly large, chock full of both chains and independents. Great American Music and the Wax Museum slowly closed stores over the years and finally disappeared altogether. The neighborhood stores like Positively 4th Street, Groove Monster, Flipside, InZane, Tatters and Platters, and Garage D'or are long, long gone. Now Root Cellar will be added to the list, and I will become an LP collector with no home base. Please shop at your local music store, or this could happen to you too.

Looks like I have some shopping to do.

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