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21 November 2004

The new channel 30

After four years, Equity Broadcasting has pulled the plug on its KQOK-TV, an independent station licensed to Shawnee which never quite caught on with its mix of jewelry sales and religious programming. Back in May, Equity signed a deal to transfer the station license to Oklahoma City-based Tyler Media, which operates four radio stations here; Tyler didn't announce at the time what they planned to do with a television license.

Now they have. The call letters are changing to KTUZ-TV, which matches their Spanish-language KTUZ-FM, and the station will be affiliated with NBC's Telemundo network, the second-largest Spanish-language TV service and one which hasn't been seen on the air or on basic cable in this market before. (Rival Univision has no local affiliate but has had a continuous presence on cable.)

Equity, during the time it owned the channel 30 facility, worked diligently to get the station picked up on area cable feeds, and if I understand FCC rules, Tyler doesn't have to renegotiate with cable carriers until existing contracts run out; they'll automatically take over the existing channel (on Cox systems, it's channel 5).

With channel 30 comes the license for a digital-TV facility, which will operate on channel 29.

Posted at 4:11 PM to Overmodulation

It should surprise no one that the non-English-speaking demographic easily trumps the jewelry and religion crowd. In fact, give it a few years and it's a lock that the radio dial will be oozing salsa. Ole, amigo!

Posted by: Interested-Participant at 10:12 PM on 21 November 2004

Well, we already have one AM and two FM stations operating in Spanish full-time; the market, I think, can probably support one or two more without much difficulty.

Posted by: CGHill at 6:32 AM on 22 November 2004

It could be reruns of failed Polish sitcoms and it would be better than what was on Channel 5 before.

And since I really need to practice my Spanish, I'm pretty tickled.

Posted by: Dan at 10:50 PM on 22 November 2004