The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

22 November 2004

Hotter than a couple of rats

Once in a while, I go on an inexplicable CD binge; the half a dozen discs that showed up this week are unusually noteworthy, and I'll be reporting on them over the next few days.

Tahlequah singer Eddie Glenn's eight-song CD Un-PC is literally so: it was recorded on Eddie's Macintosh. And that other meaning of "PC" is given similar disdain. From "Winnebagos":

They take a quarter of a paycheck that's s'posed to be yours
Just to keep the old codgers socially secure
It's keepin' 'em comfortable but keepin' us poor
And they wonder why we drive so fast.
Well, the reason we're runnin' you down, you old fart
Is we're trying to get to Hardee's, Taco Bell and Wal-Mart
To work for minimum wage and take part
In supporting your wrinkled old ass.

Titles like "Right Wing Girls" might be self-explanatory; titles like "Wool Sock" might not be, unless you've endured a few dozen Oklahoma summers.

This is gleefully sick stuff, it allegedly embarrasses Eddie's mom, and some of it is not safe for work. While the minimalist, voice-with-guitar arrangements might smack of "folk" music, I can assure you none of these tunes will ever be covered by the likes of Peter, Paul and Mary.

There's a second album, called Hick Hop, which I haven't heard yet. I suspect, though, it might be just as much fun.

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