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22 November 2004

And speaking of those pesky Boomers

Lileks provides one of his classic rhetorical wedgies:

[E]very generation has something that shocks their parents. Today's parents are horrified by games that let 13-year-old boys steal cars and hire hookers. Well, Elvis bothered people in the '50s. We can't really judge; otherwise we'd just be like our parents, and our entire worldview and our flattering self-regard is based on the fact that we are not like our parents. Were they on the Williams-Sonoma mailing list? I don't think so. So we don't forbid our kids to have these games. We do our part by worrying about them loudly in various media outlets. Preferably TV.

Grateful am I that except in the minor areas of mannerisms and quirk level, my children are nothing like me.

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As some blogger's offspring put it a while back, "Grand Theft Auto is about stealing cars like Super Mario Brothers is about collecting coins."

Posted by: triticale at 10:26 PM on 23 November 2004