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23 November 2004


Nineteen states, including Oklahoma, get by with a single license plate, mounted in the back. I don't know anyone here who complains about that, but apparently there's some sentiment among law enforcement for adding a tag up front. Herewith, an Okiedoke quote of a Dallas Morning News column:

"Do I think itís a good idea? Yes," said Trooper Pete Norwood of the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety. He used the example of a convenience store holdup caught on videotape. "If you see a vehicle pull in, back up and pull out, you would hardly ever see the back license plate."

And of course your law-abiding convenience-store robber isn't going to do anything to obscure that front plate.

Being the cranky curmudgeon that I am, I persist in thinking that it's bad enough I have to have one plate. And that plate is there as a registration indicator for the state; law-enforcement applications are inevitably secondary.

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Not even slightly about this topic, but it looks like Kyle is off hiatus, in case you wanted to update your sidebar linkage.

Posted by: Sean Gleeson at 1:03 PM on 23 November 2004

No fear of thread drift, I see.

He's on the bar under "Kyle Williams" now. Thanks.

Posted by: CGHill at 4:05 PM on 23 November 2004

Okay, now you've shamed me into commenting about vehicle tags, to get your thread back on topic.

I am against requiring front tags for the reasons you enumerate, and because such a requirement would have the ancillary effect of putting a crimp in my convenience store robbing. (Pete Norwood evidently disapproves of my lifestyle choices, but who is he to legislate morality?)

Posted by: Sean Gleeson at 5:27 PM on 23 November 2004

I thought I had libertarian leanings, but, man, feeling strongly enough about a second license plate to post on it? You got me beat by a mile!:)
Where do you stand on red lights? I mean, do we really need more than a yellow warning?

Fine site--well-written--I'll be back! :)

Posted by: Tony Iovino at 5:56 PM on 23 November 2004

My position on red lights varies, depending on whether I'm running late or not. :)

Actually, I am rather sanguine about most traffic signals: I assume they were put there for a reason. Would that most of them functioned that way.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:55 PM on 23 November 2004

Bein' a Texan and havin' been required to have a front license plate since I started drivin' almos' 35 years ago, it ain't that big of a deal. Now, those yearly vehicle inspections are a real pain in the rear. They ain't got them in New Mexico. I think the rule there is, if ya trust your car enough to drive it 150 miles in whichever direction ya need to go to get groceries, then we trust your judgment that your car is capable of bein' safely operated.

Now, that subject aside, here is hopin' Tony finds his way 'pon my site and has a keen interest in my style of snark.

Posted by: Tig at 11:16 PM on 23 November 2004