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24 November 2004

Real-life links

A point to ponder, from Syaffolee:

So I was thinking this morning: What's the degree of separation between bloggers in real life? This is totally disregarding linking and blogrolling. If I read about Blogger X but don't know him/her in real life, how many people do I know in real life who knows that blogger in real life?

It seems to me that the original Stanley Milgram experiments would be no less, and no more, applicable to bloggers than to anyone else; bloggers have a wider circle of people who recognize their names — if they give out their names at all — but I tend to doubt that they actually know more people than average. (Certain A-list bloggers may be exceptions, but their real lives, I suspect, are also exceptional.)

Posted at 11:36 AM to Blogorrhea

i probably share to much on my blog, and im sure that my readers have a good idea of who i am. i don't know many of the people who's peoples blogs ive read. some of them ive spoken with on the phone or exchanged addresses, but for the most part these people tend to be half way across the country, and so I never have an opportunity to put a face with a site.

Posted by: ethan at 12:15 PM on 24 November 2004

I think that would be true if who we read was totally random. I would guess that my degree of separation from, say, a science blogger across the continent would be much less than a knitting blogger living the next state over.

Posted by: sya at 5:18 PM on 24 November 2004

I have yet to meet a single other blogger, unless editing the Alaska page at counts as blogging, and said editor is uncommitted on the question.

Posted by: McGehee at 12:30 PM on 26 November 2004