The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

28 November 2004


The beautiful and brilliant Michelle Malkin (a phrase I swiped from Francis W. Porretto) has happened upon a copy of a book/DVD combination titled Remembering Ronald Reagan, bearing the imprimatur of CBS News (!), and sees a serious disconnect in the marketing plan:

What head-in-his-derrière editor at Simon & Schuster came up with this idea?! Here is a simple exercise: Draw a Venn diagram of two sets. Set A is the book-buying population that considers Rather, Stahl, and Wallace "respected journalists." Set B is the book-buying population eager to spend money on a positive remembrance of Ronald Reagan and ever-mindful of the MSM's deeply-held hatred for Reagan and his legacy. The result is what even a mathematically-challenged person like me remembers from from grade school...a disjoint set.

Simon & Schuster, I note, has also just released an audio package called The World War II Audio Collection, by unrepentant plagiarist Stephen Ambrose.

And, of course, there's always the question of why anything from CBS News (with a foreword by Dan Rather, natch) would be shelved under "New Non-Fiction."

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