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30 November 2004

Everything's going to be

Just when we'd gotten used to, the state decided it needed a newer new Web site, and presto (actually, probably fairly lento, at least behind the scenes), there was

And already there's a flap over it: the first version of the front page had pictures of, and links to, both Governor Brad Henry and Lieutenant Governor Mary Fallin, but some time on Day One, the Fallin references had vanished. Since Henry is a Democrat and Fallin is a Republican, this is an open invitation to conspiracy theorists; Fallin apparently complained to Scott Meacham at Finance, who spearheaded the design effort. Meacham says that there should be links for all statewide officials, or for none, and that's the word he gave to the Web designers. (Henry, of course, is still featured prominently.)

Sometimes you just want to scream in the general direction of 23rd and Lincoln.

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I find this photo at the website very interesting Obviously Jimmy Sanders took this while driving. Don't we have a law about distracted driving? It would be a hoot if he got fined based on this photo. :)

Posted by: Dwayne "the canoe guy" at 1:11 PM on 30 November 2004