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1 December 2004

Anchors away

Dean Robbins, reviewing television for the Oklahoma Gazette, on Tom Brokaw's swan song tonight:

In a time when men tend to hang onto power until the Grim Reaper pries it away from them (see Strom Thurmond, William Rehnquist, Yasser Arafat, etc.), it's encouraging to see Brokaw voluntarily step down at the tender age of 64.

Lord knows Peter Jennings won't be so graceful. The only way ABC will get him off the air is to sneak the words I QUIT, EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY onto the Teleprompter as he's reading the news.

This might have made Quote of the Week, had the Chief Justice been, um, you know, actually dead.

Posted at 6:14 PM to Almost Yogurt

He should have said Dan Rather instead of William Rehnquist. While Rather may still be clinically alive, everything else about his tenure at CBS has been Franco-like for years. Even Memogate only served to melt some of the wax off the bloated carcass of his professional existence, making the stench impossible even for his propper-uppers to ignore.

Posted by: McGehee at 8:52 AM on 2 December 2004