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3 December 2004

Double unsecret probation

Sally Allen, to my delight, gives the new University of Oklahoma alcohol policy the derision it deserves:

[T]he university will hire a licensed alcohol counselor. Let's see ... 27,000 enrolled binge-drinkers vs. one counselor ... that's about adequate for mass rehabilitation (insert sarcasm graphic).

Seventy-seven percent of respondents to NewsOK's recent poll agreed with OU's new policies banning campus drinking, which means exactly squat statistically since we all know college students don't vote.

There is good news for those pre-inebriated, orange-toting Sooner faithful football fans — campus parking lots have been designated "Safe Havens of Intoxication" as the new alcohol ban won't affect tailgating. (Your parents' tuition dollars at work!)

Then again, this is the state that gave us "non-intoxicating" 3.2 beer.

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Well, I tend to be contrarian so let me defend the idea: they already distribute all this literature and have "awareness days," right? So having one person guiding all that who's also a counselor, and may also be able to help the most profoundy troubled students, may not be that bad an idea.

I mean, MOST kids, even the binge drinkers, don't crash and burn. Some do.

Hey, it's a start is all I'm sayin'.

Posted by: Dean Esmay at 2:43 PM on 3 December 2004