The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

3 December 2004

No, no, close that other window

I don't think we're ever going to resolve the thinker/linker dichotomy, at least in my lifetime, but I do wish sometimes I could be as resolute as Serenity is here:

I don't often promote other blogs in my posts because I am vain and greedy and want all the traffic for myself. Why in the hell would I ask you all to leave my beautiful site, with prose so magical they make grown men weep...a talent so incredible, all the girls are jealous of me. Why on G-d's green earth would I do that? I don't.

My prose occasionally make me weep, but that's another issue entirely.

Posted at 2:52 PM to Blogorrhea

At the risk of removing any lingering doubts regarding my inability to master the English language, is "prose" plural?

Posted by: Eric at 6:18 PM on 3 December 2004

I certainly hope not.

Posted by: CGHill at 6:53 PM on 3 December 2004

Oh. OK. That clears it up.

Posted by: Eric at 8:29 PM on 3 December 2004

I don't think that one has to be vain and greedy to be "resolute." Some people are resolute at being humble and charitable.

Posted by: Interested-Participant at 12:53 PM on 5 December 2004