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3 December 2004

Putting the wind farm to work

Friends and neighbors and total strangers and whatnot joined in the effort to get my Christmas decorations up today, and a considerable effort it was. (My own input was limited to reorienting a few things, removing a few things that came off as just too overwrought, and debris disposal.)

I would have been happier had this happened next Friday, after the electric meter is read, but what the hell. And Michele, and by extension presumably Lileks as well, will be happy to hear that there are at least four colors of lights involved.

Thanks, guys (and gals, as appropriate).

Posted at 5:51 PM to Surlywood

Another victory for colored lights!!

Posted by: michele at 5:57 PM on 3 December 2004

Since when do YOU put up Christmas stuff? (And just what sorta stuff is is, anyway?)

Posted by: wamprat at 6:21 PM on 3 December 2004

Somewhere between overkill and mass destruction, actually.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:27 AM on 4 December 2004

So, just *what* does it look like? Pictures, please?

Posted by: wamprat at 10:15 AM on 4 December 2004

Colored lights on the Christmas tree only here.

White lights hooked up to the generator outside:)

Posted by: Vickie at 1:12 PM on 4 December 2004