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4 December 2004

Saturday spottings (the shuffle)

The nascent Asian District is getting a bank at 2523 Classen, across the street from, and slightly north of, the fabled Milk Bottle. It's a branch of Edmond-based First Commercial Bank, which recently expanded into Oklahoma City with the acquisition of Rockwell Bank.

In other bank news, Americrest Bank, previously known as Guaranty Bank, is rebranding itself again, this time as Coppermark Bank. The "Americrest" name was coined when Guaranty planned to move into the Dallas-Fort Worth market, where a Guaranty Bank already existed; however, they ran afoul of trademark issues, and had to come up with yet another name. The name change was announced in November, but permanent signage is just now going up.

The Happy Homemaker reports on the impending construction of a Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market in her neck of the woods, near NW 23rd and Pennsylvania. Typically for Wal-Mart, they're not filling the extant vacant space in Penn Crossing; I recall that when they took over an empty Homeland store in The Village, they razed the building and rebuilt. Still, the arrival was arguably good for Casady Square across the street, and The Village needed the sales-tax revenue, especially with Albertson's moving across Britton Road into Oklahoma City territory. Those who hate all things Wal-Mart will undoubtedly head for the Buy 4 Less across Penn, or drive elsewhere, but I've learned not to bet against Sam Walton's retail machine.

And there are still some small signs of life at Bradford Commons, apartments located south of the Oklahoma Health Center between NE 7th and NE 8th. The 247-unit complex was sold in 2001 for a startling $3.5 million dollars to 2012 LLC. This year, TV news has been coming up with regular stories about how the place has gone to hell: the water was supposed to have been turned off around Thanksgiving, and all the tenants are presumably going to have to be gone by the end of the month, when the complex shuts down. Rumors that the Commons would be sold have persisted, and KGOU radio reported this week that the University of Oklahoma, one rumored buyer, isn't interested. I haven't heard that the Commons are going to be Cabrini-Greened out of existence, but at this point, I wouldn't be surprised to see bulldozers heading down 8th Street.

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Oh Knowledgeable One, do you know the exact cross streets where the new Super Walmart is going to be in the Mid-Del area?

Posted by: Babs at 12:39 AM on 5 December 2004

The Happy Homemaker reports on the impending construction of a Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market in her neck of the woods, near NW 23rd and Pennsylvania.

You mean a Small-Mart, right? I've been curious about those but never had occasion to see one in my travels thus far.

I'm not sure it's enough to justify routing our trip Out West next year through OKC, though. Time for going and coming is limited given we want to spend as much time as possible in the mountainous regions of Out West.

(I'm trying to come up with arguments for eliminating the return trip altogether, but it's a daunting challenge...)

Posted by: McGehee at 9:23 AM on 5 December 2004

Last I heard, it was going to be on the west side of Sooner Road at I-40. The announcement from the Chamber of Commerce said "near the intersections of SE 15th, Sooner Road and I-40 (in Del City across the street from the Holiday Inn and Home Depot)."

Posted by: CGHill at 9:26 AM on 5 December 2004