The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

5 December 2004

Let there be plugs

I normally don't toot the horn much for my Web host: while DreamHost has been good to me over the past three years, they're a little pricier than some, and a few of the big Movable Type-based blogs had difficulties with them some years back and moved elsewhere.

Their monthly newsletter, however, contained this remarkable statement:

[W]e've now got a new area of our web panel, "Goodies > WordPress Blog". From there you can install the open-source weblog software WordPress (see at any URL fully-hosted at DreamHost with just one click. It's pretty cool and pretty easy and pretty FREE!

Try it out if you ever wanted to have a weblog but were too crazy to install one yourself.

Translation: They'd like more blogs, but don't want the additional overhead of MT and its endless rebuilds.

(Aside: If you actually do sign up for one of these things, send me a click through the DH logo in the nav column, or drop my URL to the staff. I could use the kickback referral reward.)

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