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8 December 2004

Robbing the dreidel

You think Christmas is overwrought? Let Eric Akawie tell you what's happened to Chanukah:

[T]he very foundation of the holiday is about maintaining a unique Jewish culture in the face of pressure to assimilate into a dominant surrounding culture. So taking the holiday, and making it as similar as possible to Christmas, to make the message "we all have something to celebrate at this time of year," to conflate it with the birth of a false Messiah (not to offend, but from a Jewish perspective, that's what Christmas is), is foolish, ignorant, and cultural suicide.

On the upside, Purim has got to be more fun than Lent.

Posted at 1:01 PM to Immaterial Witness

I thought Mardi Gras was the Purim analog.

Posted by: Joseph Hertzlinger at 12:49 AM on 9 December 2004

On the other hand, Mardi Gras celebrations tend to, shall we say, exceed the mirth levels for a feast ostensibly religious in origin. Besides, from the purely-ecclesiastical standpoint, Mardi Gras is small change: it's not a High Holiday.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:34 AM on 9 December 2004