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8 December 2004

Weirder than thou

Four hundred miles down I-35 is the city of Austin, the capital of Texas, a place where I have lots of roots, and a place that prides itself on its weirdness. Nothing wrong with that, say I, but I've been back a few times since my days at The University (yes, that one), and while there are aspects of it I dearly love, it never struck me as being, well, all that weird.

J. M. Branum, who's lived both here and there, makes a case that Oklahoma City might be weirder than Austin:

  • OKC has nicer activists who aren't so full of themselves.

  • OKC is more diverse. I used to not think this (because I grew up in Newcastle and spent most of my time in whitebread far south OKC... I'm talking south of I-240 BTW. I know many folks consider the southside everything south of I-40 which is very Hispanic these days), but now it is super-diverse. We have one of the biggest Asian populations in the southwest, lots of African Americans and American Indians, and a rapidly growing Hispanic population.

  • OKC has fewer rich people and fewer recent transplants from California. Also on that note, OKC is decidedly NOT hip which is a good thing because the yuppies stay away. (well except the home-grown variety)

  • The OKC tattoo artists are way cooler because they have to break the law to practice their art. They also are way better because they don't waste time doing flash art. Everyone goes to Texas if they want a lame tattoo. You stay in-state if you want something original.

And lots more reasons. I don't think that Oklahoma City is destined to be, well, the "next Austin," but I don't lie awake at night wondering what I'm missing by living here either.

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Interesting comparison.

Posted by: Babs at 3:51 PM on 8 December 2004