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10 December 2004

Bricktown adjacent

The International House of Pancakes is coming to Bricktown, and The Downtown Guy considers the ramifications thereof:

So, what's going to come next, a Hampton Inn? A Starbucks? The time of Bricktown being a bastion of locally owned enterprises is coming to an end. They'll still be around. But the national chains and corporations are now taking a very serious look at our revived downtown.

Whether you liked the Bass Pro Shops deal or not, it's hard to argue the impact it's having on east Bricktown. Look further down Reno, past what we consider to be Bricktown, and you'll see where the next wave of development may likely occur. It won't be the sort of development we expect in Bricktown — but it's looking like a lot of the former junk yards will at least be converted into a basic off-highway strip of fast food, motels and such. They'll try to seize on the Bricktown name — as some already are (have you visited Bricktown Spas yet? Or Bricktown Central Plaza Inn?). Sum it all up as a sign of Bricktown's arrival as a destination.

If you think of Bass Pro as the easternmost outpost of Bricktown, the Central Plaza Inn is a mile and a half farther away. Still, this is a logical progression, with Martin Luther King Avenue the probable limit of expansion; farther south on Eastern will be the Native American Cultural Center and Museum, which likely will define the eastern boundary of the New Downtown.

Posted at 8:05 AM to City Scene

I've never thought of IHOP as the advance shock-troop squadron for Starbucks and the like...

Posted by: CT at 8:23 AM on 10 December 2004

Today IHOP, tomorrow Cracker Barrel.

Posted by: McGehee at 9:08 AM on 10 December 2004

The IHOP idea wasn't bad, but it should have been Beverly's or Jimmie's Egg,, but I'm sure the $$$ for land pre-empted those possibilities.

I also noted the Bricktown Central Plaza Name. I just wonder what all this will end up looking like once I-40 is moved and then torn down.

Posted by: Dwayne "the canoe guy" at 12:08 PM on 10 December 2004