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10 December 2004

Good for what Ailes you

How about a nice cup of Shut the Fox Up?

The FOXBlocker is a line filter that attaches to your analog-cable line (no version for digital cable yet) and filters out the Fox News Channel. It's not channel-specific — it works on channels 2 through 62 — which suggests to me that it looks for Fox identifying information on line 21 of the NTSC signal, where closed captions and XDS reside.

Me, I'm waiting for a TiVo add-on that refuses to record anything mentioning Paris Hilton.

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(Update, 4:20 pm: Submitted to Beltway Traffic Jam.)

Posted at 1:20 PM to Overmodulation

I guess FOX News is so crack-like that a mere remote control won't accomplish the feat of enabling a TV viewer not to watch it. Or maybe it's the subliminal programming, the siren call of Bill O'Reilly or Sean Hannity, that forces you to flip to the channel even when you have no desire to do so. "Must resist! Aargh, psychic powers of conservative pundits too strong! Can't help self!"

But really, $8.95 to accomplish something you could do for free (namely send e-mails to FOX News' top 10 advertisers letting them know you refuse to watch FOX News)? You could send actual letters to each of them for less. I'm not seeing a positive cost/benefit analysis.

Posted by: Lesley at 10:08 AM on 11 December 2004

I'm thinking that a substantial number of these will be bought by liberals in a last, desperate attempt to rescue their conservative friends from the Maw of Hell; while right-wing pal retreats to the kitchen to pick up a couple of cold ones, beleaguered lefty surreptitiously screws this contraption onto the cable line.

The manufacturers, of course, do not approve of this usage.

Posted by: CGHill at 10:18 AM on 11 December 2004

If I find one of these things on my TV, it will meet the same fate as the "Don't stand up to pee" nagbox would.

Posted by: McGehee at 11:24 AM on 11 December 2004