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10 December 2004

Season's bleatings

Scene: One hundred years from now, and....

[O]ur grandkids will look upon us with a mixture of disgust and amusement. Our teachers are grossly underpaid. Our values are in the toilet — culture is coarsening. Kids go without health care, food, or coats in the winter. And we're worried about Christmas trees and Silent Night.

Glory, or alternate form of acclaim where appropriate, to the deity or deities of your choice, or none at all if so specified, in the highest, or to a comparable level conforming to official specifications, and on earth peace, or similar absence of conflict, and good will, as defined in paragraph 3, section C, "Federal Will Regulations," to men, women, children, and persons of indeterminate or ambiguous gender.

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There has been much flap in recent weeks regarding the absence of "Christ" in "Christmas". News commentaries are eating it up, blogs are ranting about it, and yet Christmas carols continue unsung; Nativity scenes remain in their boxes at Town Hall basements, and school Christmas concerts have insidiously transformed into "holiday" presentations where every country's folk songs are represented from African chants to German yodels.

I have seen more than one poll suggesting that this politically-(correct?) stance is so far in the minority that if 1% of the population is represented, that's probably a stretch. Therefore I maintain that the rest of us, back into our "silent majority" phase, have no one to blame but ourselves. We have allowed this atrocity, this sham, this utter insanity to permeate and overtake our society while we basically do nothing but sit back on our pretty little asses and do nothing construtive about it. Superintendents across the nation permit the practice in their schools despite their so-called uncomfortableness about it, all the while whispering to each other "Well, you can be sure if *I* were in charge...."

Well, Boards of Education and Superintendents, you fucking ARE in charge. Mayors and Town Managers, you ARE the city leaders. Parents, here's a great cause about which to petition instead of spending your time bitching about your kid's teacher. Find some balls, and I don't mean CHRISTMAS ones, and do the fuck something about it instead of collectively whining about how we've become a nation of diverse bleating sheep. Frankly, I'm sick of how 99% of a population can be bullied by the crybaby wishes of a few who are never happy about anything anyway.

Merry Christmas and Falala. You can damn well bet every salesperson today is going to hear those words from me.

Posted by: Vickie at 6:45 AM on 11 December 2004

Whine? Whine!? What I want is a law allowing me to run over these malcontents in my Bronco.

If I don't get that, then I'll whine.

Posted by: McGehee at 11:26 AM on 11 December 2004

All this for the love of Christ?

Maybe if Jesus had a Bronco, things would have turned out different.

Happy holidays and Merry Christmas.

Posted by: MikeH at 2:11 PM on 11 December 2004

"Bless this, Bronco O Lord, that with it thou mayst run down thine enemies, in thy mercy."

Sorry that TBs STILL don't work. I'm home sick from church this morning, working on it.

Posted by: Dan at 10:05 AM on 12 December 2004