The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

13 December 2004

"Slapout" was taken

Top Ten possible new names for the city of Lawton:

  10.  Arridextra
    9.  Spentshell
    8.  Cache Heights
    7.  Offlimits
    6.  Faxon Farms
    5.  Sillville
    4.  Cooler Than Altus
    3.  Wichita Springs
    2.  Dustbunny
    1.  Lawlesston

(Tip of the sombrero to Mike H.)

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I've driven through Slapout...Slapout was a friend of mine...and you, Lawton, are no Slapout.

Posted by: David at 8:46 PM on 15 December 2004