The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

15 December 2004

What's happening elsewhere

Since I'm not exactly gathering my own news, I suppose I can play Manual Aggregator (not available for GameCube®) for a little while. Here's some of what's going on:

This ought to hold you for a couple of minutes, anyway.

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McGehee breaks hundreds of links with a single gesture.

<buffs fingernails with smug expression>

Posted by: McGehee at 2:45 PM on 15 December 2004

Thanks for the linkage!

Posted by: Lachlan at 7:24 PM on 15 December 2004

I'm pretty sure the place I worked in 1980 had their Wangs insured. Wang 2200s, that is.

Posted by: Michael Bates at 2:52 AM on 16 December 2004

That was a diverse group of links, entertaining, educational, and good giggle material.

Michael who was the first computer programer?

Eve, she had an Apple in one hand and a Wang in the other.

Posted by: anstranger at 5:41 AM on 19 December 2004