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15 December 2004

Betting on a lucky horseshoe

The city of Indianapolis says that a new stadium to replace the aging RCA Dome would add $30 million a year to the local economy, over and above the $75 million in revenue generated by the presence of an NFL team.

Which, out of a mere eight home games, sounds awfully impressive. And taking a leaf from the Oklahoma City playbook, Indy has bundled the stadium plan with an upgrade to the Indiana Convention Center, the total price to be some $700 million.

Still: seven hundred million American dollars? The entire set of MAPS projects here in the Okay City, including a convention-center upgrade, cost maybe half that. This new stadium must be absolutely incredible.

And even if it is, what's to stop the Irsay family from sneaking the Colts out of Indianapolis in the dead of night? It's not like such a thing has never happened before. I wish Indy well, but the numbers here don't seem to add up.

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$700 million for a stadium and a convention center upgrade. Broadband access is all the rage here recently - let's do a cost comparison.

The state of Indiana consists 36,420 square miles. Let's say we decided to cover the entire state using the coming WiMAX wireless access equipment.

Cell size - Let's say it's going to use the non-licensed 5.8 GHz frequencies. We'll need smaller cell sizes to do this. We'll give each cell a 2 mile range. The math says that each cell will cover 12.5 square miles ((2*2) * Pi).

Cell Sites - 36,420 / 12.5 = 2,914 cell sites.

Cost - A bit of an unknown at this point. Most should cost far less than a traditional cellular installation. Let's target an average install cost of $150,000.

$437.1 million to cover the entire state of Indiana with high speed wireless access ... that can be used by the general public, public services, private business, utilities, etc, etc.

No point in Indiana will be farther than 2 miles from a cell site/access point.

The current RCA dome generates $75 million in revenue. The new stadium will simply add $30 million to this figure ... a $30 million per year increase at a cost of $700 million.

It will take in excess of 23 years for this new stadium to become profitable.

How much revenue will be generated per year by having the entire state covered by a high speed wireless network that can be used for a myriad of purposes (from internet access to VoIP and video).

Posted by: Mel at 10:38 AM on 16 December 2004