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16 December 2004

Frankenradio comes to the Low Country

Air America Radio is up to 40 affiliates now. The liberal network has signed Clear Channel's WSCC, a 5-kw daytimer (there is nighttime authorization, but at a meager 103 watts) in Charleston, South Carolina at 730 kHz. The calls will be switched to WSSP, and the station's tag line is "Talk Radio for the Rest of Charleston."

WSCC's previous format, featuring Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh, continues on WSCC-FM (94.3 MHz), which had been simulcasting the AM programs following the demise of its R&B/hip-hop format this summer. I, of course, find it interesting that Clear Channel owns both a "liberal" and a "conservative" station in the same market. The news/talk competition is Citadel's WTMA.

If the next question is "Will there ever be an Air America station here?" the answer is a definite maybe. Clear Channel, which has a dozen or so Air America affiliates, has two AM facilities here. If the move-in of Guymon's KGYN ever comes off, I'm thinking CC will move KTOK to 1210 and set up something entirely different (like, perhaps, AA) at 1000. (KEBC, at 1340, will be unavailable; part of the move-in deal is that CC will give the 1340 slot to First Choice, owner of the daytimer KTLV at 1220, which would die once 1210 becomes an Oklahoma City channel.) The other two talk stations in town, Renda's KOKC (previously KOMA) and Citadel's WKY, are struggling in the ratings; I have to assume that they've at least considered the AA package, and turned it down.

(Courtesy of Backcountry Conservative.)

Update: Apparently it lasted less than a year.

Posted at 1:15 PM to Overmodulation

Coming to you from the Pelvic Exam capital of the world - K-G-Y-N radio.. All stirrups, all the time!

/annoying announcer voice

Ok, sorry.

I hope Dave Ramsey and Tom Martino find a new home if 1340 goes the way of the Dodo.

I know it used to be the only way, but for the life of me, I don't understand why you'd want to listen to music on AM. Ick.

Posted by: Dan at 5:34 PM on 16 December 2004

Don't hold your breath waiting for the KGYN move to stirrup the dial; I first mentioned it two and a half years ago and it's no closer to actually happening than it was then.

And the crummy sound of music on AM, really, is due more to receiver-manufacturer indifference than to inherent defects in the system; with a good receiver, and some attention to fidelity at the transmitting end, AM can be hard to distinguish from FM. (Well, mono FM, anyway.) Of course, no one is going to spend the extra couple of bucks to produce a good-sounding AM section if all there is on the band is the baseball game and Rush.

Posted by: CGHill at 5:54 PM on 16 December 2004

Mike over at Notoriously Nice lives in Charleston and posted briefly on the Arrival of Blue State Radio. As he put it: "I know it's been colder here in Charleston the last two nights than it has been all winter but when did Hell freeze over?"

Posted by: The Proprietor at 9:09 AM on 17 December 2004