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17 December 2004

Well, it's better than USA Weekend

This Sunday's Colorado Springs Gazette will come with a special section: a New Testament with some local flavor.

The International Bible Society, based in Colorado Springs, is planning similar inserts for other papers; they paid the Gazette $36,000 to distribute the 91,000 booklets.

Interestingly, the distribution was planned for last Sunday, but it was decided that handing out New Testaments in the middle of Chanukah might not have been the best possible public-relations move. The local Temple has a further objection: placing a Bible in a plastic bag and then pitching it onto the ground constitutes, well, desecration.

As for me, I'm waiting for a remark — any remark — from Andy at The World Wide Rant.

(Via Romenesko.)

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Hey now, free market at work. :)

Although, especially in the Springs, the phrase "preaching to the choir" springs (heh) to mind.

Posted by: andy at 6:01 PM on 18 December 2004