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18 December 2004

Buy my house dot com

Anyone who's bought a house lately (which, I suppose, includes yours truly) has browsed real-estate Web sites of one sort or another, usually operated by Realtors® or other brokers and their respective companies. Homes offered For Sale By Owner generally don't have much of a Web presence.

Then there's this:, dedicated to the selling, by owner, of a home at, well, yeah, it's obvious.

(If you see this and subsequently buy the house, let me know. No, I don't want a finder's fee or anything like that.)

(Update, 19 December, 10:20 am: Dave finds a spiffy twenty-acre spread in, you guessed it, Montana.)

Posted at 5:59 PM to City Scene

Hmmm, the house isn't too bad, the idea is great, but are they giving a carpet allowance for that mess in the bedroom?

Posted by: Dwayne "the canoe guy" at 11:16 PM on 18 December 2004

I'm not gay but whoever did the decorating should be shot.

Posted by: stevo at 4:43 AM on 19 December 2004

Shot? Take them out and hang em, with an old rope yet.
They could stand to learn how to use their camera a little better also. and all this was learned with out clicking on th pictures. Too frightening to see a larger shot.

Posted by: anstranger at 6:44 AM on 19 December 2004

I saw my first example of this "real-estate URL" about two hundred meters from my house. Can't tell how it's decorated, but I know that 1400 square feet won't cut it with my number of offspring units.

Posted by: Fûz at 11:49 PM on 23 December 2004