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18 December 2004

I guess I gotta buy it

File this under "Once in a Lifetime": there's an actual (albeit very small) picture of Michelle Malkin in Playboy.

No, not like that, ya perv. In the annual The Year in Sex roundup (January '05), there is, not entirely unexpectedly, a marginally-raunchy picture of Jessica "Washingtonienne" Cutler, and to give credence to her particular transgressions, there's a clip from the Post (which Post, I couldn't say) with Ms Malkin's column, complete with standard photo of the columnist. The column, incidentally, was given the title "Slut on the Hill" by the Post.

It is, I note in passing, a sign of something that InStyle arrived the same day, and comparing the cover photos, I was much more inspired (if that's the word) by Diane Lane than by Jenny McCarthy.

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Don't be too dismissive, Michelle. Some of us male Nearderthals out here appreciate both mind and body. And I speak as the father of three very smart young women, not that I'd ever wish to see them on display in anything but modest bathing suits. Grrr...

Posted by: Bill Dooley at 11:40 PM on 25 December 2004

I just came to this entry via the front page of Michelle's site.

I remember (it's hard to forget something so unusual... and so quite unfortunate) awhile back, that I saw, in my weblog's hit counter referral listings, the search term that someone had used, getting him to my blog. It was Michelle Malkin n*de
(the sicko!)

I think that I had also gotten hits from searchers who had entered Ann Coulter n*de" - but the former is more disturbing.

Rest be assured, nothing of the sort appears on my blog. (That's just something that can happen when you have words within your site that appear in unrelated entries.)

Posted by: Aakash at 12:49 AM on 26 December 2004

What a tease. Oh well just proves that beauty and brains are a powerful combination. Yes, I would look.

Posted by: bernie at 1:17 AM on 26 December 2004

Thought some of you might enjoy our 2005 Great American Conservative Women Calendar featuring Michelle Malkin and other great conservative women like Ann Coulter, Shemane Nugent, Dr. Laura, Monica Crowley and many more. You can order through our website at www.cblpolicyinstitute. For a $25 or more tax-deductible donation, we'll send you a calendar.

Posted by: Lisa at 8:48 AM on 27 December 2004

Arrgh, this was not what I was expecting. However, hope springs eternal for us conservative pervs. Not that I need an excuse to buy a copy of Playboy.

Posted by: Archangel at 11:24 AM on 27 December 2004

If Michelle would get naked, I could at least get some of my neanderthal democrat friends to read her column... Not to mention the fact that I'd like to see too ;)

Posted by: him at 12:39 PM on 27 December 2004

Having sat in Michelle's living room and on her back deck, having visited with her, her husband and kids, having had Michelle actually serve me a sandwich (!), I just got to say: Guys, she's very lovely, but she is very, very married. She's a MOMMY, for crying out loud. So as lovely as she is, the lust-object talk about Michelle is just ... way inappropriate, and disrespectful to Jesse, who seems like a wonderful guy.

Don't despair, though: There are still plenty of red-hot right-wing pundettes about whom you can endlessly wolf-howl. And, being that both Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham are -- dare I say it? -- nearing the age at which the term "Old Maid" might be appropriate, I'm sure they would much more appreciate such protestations of admiration. (This is the cue for Ann and Laura junkies to attack the messenger.)

Posted by: Bubba at 8:11 PM on 27 December 2004

Well, she may be a MOMMY! But I think she's a HOT mommy.

Posted by: Screwball at 8:41 PM on 27 December 2004