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19 December 2004

It's no walk in the park

Beldar Conehead — an odd fellow, but hey, he was from France after all — used to refer to the mall as an "enclosed retail compound," which is actually pretty accurate, if you ask Bruce:

Long ago when I was a little skater I realized that places that feel public are really only public on the condition that you'll be spending money. We have so few public squares that don't exist for a reason other than shopping. There have been challenges to the idea that malls are public spaces. They are not. They exist as places where we can gather to purchase goods.

And not much else. The mall exists to facilitate commerce; any similarity to actual public gathering places is purely coincidental. Penn Square will never be a Town Square.

I don't have much of a problem spending money, especially on those rare occasions when I actually have some, but my favorite places tend to be those whose priorities don't begin and end with separating me from my cash.

Posted at 1:39 PM to Almost Yogurt

Good point, public spaces are frequented by public (people), not owned by public. And the latter should never follow from the former.

Posted by: Lemuel Kolkava at 4:10 PM on 19 December 2004

I also am money limited, but I'm also a lousy consumer. I only buy things that I need. The mass marketing of 'stuff' is scary big. I don't need it.

Posted by: scott at 8:51 PM on 19 December 2004