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22 December 2004

This plate sucks

New Jersey license plate

This got past the guardians of decency in Trenton, while actual Jersey girls made fun of my non-vanity Oklahoma plate?

Someone please tell me this is Photoshopped.

(Purloined from Gawker.)

Posted at 5:09 PM to Bogus History

Of course! Originally it surely said "Moral"!
(Or Coral.)

Posted by: Lemuel at 5:21 PM on 22 December 2004

In the Graden State? Must've been "floral."

Posted by: McGehee at 8:11 PM on 22 December 2004

Hmmm ... Perhaps Oral Roberts has a winter home in New Jersey ... hehehehe

Posted by: Ron at 9:00 PM on 22 December 2004

Looks like it was "OPAL" first.

Posted by: Interested-Participant at 11:32 AM on 26 December 2004