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23 December 2004

Failure to communicate

A fairly large area of town has no cable access today, owing to the failure, if not utter destruction, of some unspecified component; yours truly is among the irritated customers.

The Mrs Grace L. Ferguson Cable TV and Storm Door Company, of course, doesn't make this sort of information available to just anyone. (God forbid they should put word of a partial system outage up on their Web site, where at least those of us who have some form of alternate Net access might see it; why, someone might think badly of them.) No, you must negotiate the twists and turns of their phone system, cough up four-ninths of your Social Security number — is this not illegal or anything? — and hope you got to the right place, because none of the proffered options actually describe your problem.

Maybe I'll send them a note about this, after I tear them a new one for their spam-handling, which amounts to "Here you go, happy eating"; these people are loath to block an email even if it contains the words DANGER: WORM in caps in the subject line and has twelve different starving piglets as attachments.

(Update, 5:30 pm: They have no idea when things will be repaired.)

Posted at 12:12 PM to Dyssynergy

I feel your pain. As a fellow sufferer at the hands of The Mrs Grace L. Ferguson Cable TV and Storm Door Company, I am typically annoyed once or twice a day when my connectivity mysteriously disappears. Could be some sort of DHCP reassignment, but regardless, it can be most annoying.

Happy Winter Solstice!

Posted by: LiteraryTech at 2:10 PM on 23 December 2004

Well, this looks like more than DHCP leases being shuffled, since the TV connection doesn't work either; this line is deader than unchallenged elections. No idea when it will be back, either.

Posted by: CGHill at 3:35 PM on 23 December 2004