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23 December 2004

Number 600,000

'Twas a New York Roadrunner user ( at ten seconds before 5:30, Googling for playboy deborah gibson, which brought him here. (Um, the Debster has never actually posed for Hef and friends.)

As predicted yesterday, he left shortly afterwards, presumably unsatisfied. Further comment from me would undoubtedly be superfluous.

Posted at 5:44 PM to Blogorrhea

I wonder if he's related to the guy (I assume it's a guy) who keeps googling me for nood pix of M@rg H3lg3nb3rg3r? I'm talking twice a week since 2002. Very sad.

Posted by: The Prop at 5:58 PM on 23 December 2004

Some people are incredibly single-minded in their pursuits.

Or, in the case of people wanting similar shots of Ashley and Mary-Kate, double-minded. (I'm getting fewer of these requests lately, for which McGehee will no doubt take credit.)

Posted by: CGHill at 7:46 PM on 23 December 2004

I'm getting fewer of those too. I kinda predicted interest in them would dwindle after they turned 18. Apparently their still being twins despite their age, has only preserved a fraction of the curiosity.

Whether the pervert quotient of that curiosity is any different, I won't say. Some claim that even the most "normal" red-blooded male is a perv at heart anyway.

Posted by: McGehee at 1:50 PM on 24 December 2004

Considering 1600 people have dialed in here today to see about this Michelle Malkin in Playboy business, I suppose there's some truth to that.

Posted by: CGHill at 2:52 PM on 24 December 2004