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24 December 2004

Still cut off

Beyond the 24-hour mark now, and still no one knows when the cable will be back up. (And, of course, it's too late to switch to DSL, were I so inclined, until the middle of next week.)

This is less of an issue for me than it is for people who have put all their eggs — television, Internet and telephone — in a single basket, but it's still a major annoyance, and the resulting correspondence will not be pretty.

Posted at 7:40 AM to General Disinterest

What a drag Charles :( So sorry. It is curious that there is "nothing to report" on their status page. And that I a mere mile and a half away have full service (knock on wood).

Posted by: ms7168 at 10:01 AM on 24 December 2004

It's not, I believe, a network outage; I think they have an actual broken line somewhere and they can't find it.

(Alternative, possibly even better worse explanation: somebody else broke the line and isn't around to answer questions and won't be back until the 27th or so.)

Posted by: CGHill at 10:59 AM on 24 December 2004

Weird. Mine didn't go down.

Posted by: wamprat at 11:47 AM on 24 December 2004

The current story is that this area was just upgraded, and I suppose having bandwidth is considered a deficiency which must be corrected.

Someone is supposed to be out here tomorrow to examine the lines and such.

Posted by: CGHill at 4:58 PM on 24 December 2004