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25 December 2004

On a downhill pull

The minion from the Mrs Grace L. Ferguson Cable TV and Storm Door Company arrived today around noon and quickly identified the problem: there was a live connection for their phone service on site, I wasn't listed as a subscriber, so once they discovered this, they cut me off entirely. Inasmuch as I'm not a subscriber to their phone service — and in the wake of this incident, wouldn't become one if they gave me a year for free and Carmen Electra's number on speed-dial — I found this a bit egregious.

The minion removed the offending equipment, remounted the correct wiring, and that was that. Next comes the nastygram to Mrs Ferguson herself, which, in the tradition of Surlywood, will be a beaut.

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I live in the middle of the block. There is a pole in my backyard that has the boxes for the block of both Cox and SBC. So I get a lot of them traipsing through my yard to go up the pole. Once the Cox guy explained that he was going to have to unplug me in order to fix whatever it was he was working on. When he finished however he left me unplugged :( I called and someone came out inside of an hour and corrected it.

One other time I had to have a new drop line installed. After I noticed that I had all of the movie channels but was only paying for one :) Unfortunately the next time someone was out they corrected the situation.

Posted by: ms7168 at 8:33 AM on 26 December 2004